Brush / Sparebrush
stock number: 6882

Brush / Sparebrush
for example for brushing machine Tilleke

Bürstenschleifmaschine Venjakob
stock number: 7612

Brush sanding machine Venjakob
with 3 brushes

stock number: 9078

Brushing machine for stain or oil
working width 1250 mm

Stuhl-Schleifmaschine Cattinair  EPF 500
stock number: 8416

Chair Sanding machine Cattinair

type: EPF 500

to sand chairs or other irregular parts by rotating sanding pearls

Schubkasteneinpassmaschine Ehemann
stock number: 7608

Drawer box sanding machine Ehemann type: XII LOD Video 

stock number: 8387

Edge sander Holzkraft –new- type KSO 1500 Set

Kantenschleifmaschine Rehnen  -neu-  Junior R 1
stock number: 8581

Edge sander Rehnen  -new-

type: Junior R 1

with oscillating band

stock number: 8705

Edge sander

size of the sanding area height 200 mm

Long belt sander
stock number: 8973

Long belt sander
type DZJA250

Long belt sander Bütfering
stock number: 9271

Fabrikat Bütfering