5-times-combined  Frommia
stock number: 9182

5-times-combined Frommia

Bandsäge Pehaka  Bandrolle Durchmesser 800 mm
stock number: 8889

Bandsäge Pehaka

Bandrolle Durchmesser 800 mm

Bandsäge SCM  S 45
stock number: 9295

Bandsäge SCM
Type S 45
Maschinen-Nr. KK/047691
Baujahr 1999

Bandsaw Klein & Söhne
stock number: 9135

Bandsaw Klein & Söhne
diameter of the saw wheel 780 mm

Chopper Reinbold AZR 600
stock number: 9266

Chopper Reinbold
type: AZR 600
year of manufacture: 04/2020

like new - only 454 operating hours

Untertischkappsäge REMA -neu- DMDK 50C
stock number: 7338

Circular Cross Cut Saw REMA -new-

Type DMDK 50C

Tischkreissäge, Baustellen-Tischkreissäge AVOLA ZBV 500-S
stock number: 8833

Circular saw AVOLA -new-
type ZBV 500-S

tiltable sawblade

Clipping saw Ulmia 1550
stock number: 9113

Clipping saw Ulmia
Type 1550

Zuschnittanlage Paul Baujahr 1992
stock number: 8725

Complete size cutting line with cross cut saw Paul 20 E,
Dividing saw Paul BK 34/800, Multi rip saw BK 34/800
Year of manufacture: 1992

Zuschnittanlage Paul K34O/800 GL / 18E
stock number: 8726

Complete size cutting line with cross cut saw Paul GE 18
Year of manufacture: 1998