Zuschnittanlage Paul Baujahr 1992
stock number: 8725

Complete size cutting line with cross cut saw Paul 20 E,
Dividing saw Paul BK 34/800, Multi rip saw BK 34/800
Year of manufacture: 1992

Zuschnittanlage Paul K34O/800 GL / 18E
stock number: 8726

Complete size cutting line with cross cut saw Paul GE 18
Year of manufacture: 1998

Dividing band saw CANALI
stock number: 8670

Dividing band saw CANALI

Dividing bandsaw Canali  HBSG
stock number: 9288

Dividing bandsaw Canali
type: HBSG

saw wheel diameter 1000 mm

Dividing saw Torwegge H321
stock number: 9169

Dividing saw Torwegge
type H321

drum chipper Pallmann PHT 140/500
stock number: 9170

drum chipper Pallmann
Type: PHT 140/500

Four side planer Kupfermühle Vuin 605
stock number: 9168

Four side planer Kupfermühle
type: Vuin 605

planning width 605 mm

stock number: 8346

Hydraulic unit Stenner 7,5 kW
Producer: Stenner
type HFG

Roll dryer Babcock
stock number: 9159

Roll dryer Babcock
Veneer dryer
Type: RD III 460 / 6 m - K.1 s “1”

Veneer peeling line RFR – Keller
stock number: 9158

Veneer peeling line RFR – Keller
- Centering Keller type GZB
- Peeler RFR type 9 PA 23